The origin of the Golden Ratio

The golden section in architecture

Discover the virtues of olive wood

International Day against Tree Monocultures

Geometric architecture

Freshness in wooden constructions

Sustainable PEFC certification

Curiosities about trees

The environment as life insurance

Do you know how to recycle properly?

Fabric, light and wood. The perfect combination

Eco-sustainable charging pergola for electric cars with solar panels and wood

Parc Mirador La Cuirassa (Lleida)

What is the Spring Equinox?

Environmental impacts caused by unsustainable buildings

The importance of environmental education

Wood is a sustainable building material

Large wooden beams for ceilings

Wood treatment

Learn about cross laminated wood (CLT)

The art of working large wooden beams of more than 25 meters, is not available to possible for everyone

Interview with Sandra Pallé de Pallars Fustes

The best types of wood boards to work on


Interior and Exterior Tongue and groove and Flooring

Interview with Sandra Pallé de Pallars Fustes on TV

What is Cross Laminated Wood (CLT)?

How to make space in your home in a practical way?

A new life is waiting for you in your own home

Wood, the noble, organic and 100% natural material associated with sustainability

Merry Christmas 2019

A sustainable future with wood

Project at the Hotel Pessets & Spa

Benefits of wood in the home

Porche Hotel Pessets Spa

Rehabilitation in Llavorsí

Wooden roof for the Endesa plant

Iroko Pergola

Sort Municipal Pool


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