Integral Architecture

At Pallars Fustes we are experts in integral architecture with all types of wood

Our company designs, calculates, manufactures and assembles all kinds of projects with wood, whatever their size and complexity. We are passionate about a job well done, which is why we offer a wide range of professionals in the wood industry who make the most complex and difficult projects possible. We help the property and the project management to have a finished product with the maximum guarantees, working with the best installers that provide extra security in all our constructions and projects with wood. All this translates into a shorter assembly time and a higher quality in the construction of the project, which will be reflected in the energy efficiency of the house.

Integral architecture with the Passive House model

Our team of in-house professionals works on “Passive House” models from which we can advise each client in a totally personalised way on the type of wood construction ideal for their project, the appropriate insulation systems, the orientations of the house, DHW, heating and cooling systems, in order to achieve constructions with zero environmental impact (zero CO₂ emissions into the atmosphere) and low energy consumption.

Sustainable architecture with wood

In all Pallars Fustes projects of integral architecture with wood we remember that construction is the activity that most affects climate change, so we pay special attention throughout the process of creating the project.

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