Single Family Roof for a House in the Poble de Caregue

In this project, the client has provided a rehabilitation of an existing cover, to advise a million of Spain and a million thermal aprofitance of the habitat.

In these cases, being a small rural nucleus, we studied both the techniques of work and the municipalities, the best solution for totes the parts. A molt, more aesthetic and integral vision of the whole set for the maximum integration of the habitat with the original seu lloc. We have provided design solutions where the habitability of the home has been optimized, we have given light to the spaces under the roof through large openings with glass.

We have also taken into account the thermal need of the area, therefore, we have assembled a set of roofing panels, fireproof, with high thermal performance, completely waterproofed, with capacity for ventilation of interior spaces and with the specific color as the decorator told us.

A set of architectural design combining the contribution of wood with its intrinsic peculiarities of the material, make this space a unique place, more ecological, functional and pleasant in the home of our client.

Satisfied with creating spaces like this, improving expectations and making structures more functional and appropriate to the needs of customers every day.

Do not hesitate to contact us to carry out this type of project.

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