Covered by a detached house with laminated wood.

Roof in laminated wood by a detached house.

First, this roof in laminated wood has been a success of a work completely designed and elaborated down to the last detail, achieving a speed and accuracy never seen before. For this reason, our client has provided us with details and all concise and well-structured ideas.

Following these guidelines, we have developed the design, cutting and supply of all fully defined and bespoke materials. Together with the decorator and the property, a special tint color has been chosen that matches the shade of the interior furniture of the house.

The wooden structure consists of a set of beams up to metal pillars, a set of cabriolets positioned to the exact measurement of panels, high energy efficiency roofing panels, a ventilated chamber and a thermal blanket of maximum benefits. All this to achieve a high thermal efficiency roof assembly.

Finally, the result of this laminated wood roof has been a fast, efficient, sustainable and energy efficient construction. It has tried to take care of and refine the maximum wishes of the client.

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