Wooden houses

Why buy a wooden house? or why live in a prefabricated wooden house?

Modern wooden homes offer the opportunity to live in a natural and unique environment; they aren’t just any type of house where you can reside, the wooden home allows you to achieve a different, healthier and happier life. People who live in wooden homes manage to feel more comfortable than in conventional homes, as there are many more sustainable economic, ecological, and biological advantages.
Prefabricated wooden homes are made up of high quality tongue and groove spruce wooden beams, of various thicknesses and texture, with an infinite number of finishes, which combined give an appearance of spectacular harmony. They are built being linked in height, with the corners in a straight and polished finish, with a variety and assortment of inexhaustible wood, beams, walls and other materials for the construction of wooden homes is infinite.

From Pallars we offer you the integral service with the included assembly of the wooden floors of spruce tongue and groove boards, the wooden deck with its respective insulation and treated pine wood doors and windows. Our wooden homes can be used as summer or weekend house, camping, residential houses, garden house, wooden sheds and countless other uses.

Light frame houses

The main structures we use are large panels, which are assembled in the factory in a controlled situation to guarantee the highest quality in each of its elements. We offer the possibility of adapting the composition and material of each of the panels to the specific needs of each client. We work with all the prefabricated panels necessary for the construction of custom buildings. With an optimal assembly time, between 2 and 7 days depending on the size and complexity of the work.

Heavy frame houses

For the construction of this type of house, we use more solid elements, such as poles or beams. We also use laminated elements to achieve greater expansion without intermediate pillars, which allows us to project large areas of free plants. All the pieces of wood used are intertwined with each other. That is why we need the help of couplings at different angles, through the use of metal tools or special connectors. We make them for both standard and custom measurements and custom-designed, whatever the client needs.

Block houses

The main advantage offered by this type of house is the good thermal insulation that maintains the structure at the ideal temperatures. The idea of block houses derives from the logic of the “trunk house”, in which the vertices intersect and the pieces are assembled vertically. We make them for both standard and custom measures and custom designed, whatever the client needs.

CLT Homes

Cross-laminated lumber (CLT) is a solid structural lumber product made from a minimum of three bonded layers of right-angle laminated lumber and is designed for ceiling, floor, and wall applications. CLT is pre-fabricated and digitally engineered with minimal production waste, improving efficiency, safety, and speed in construction. That is why CLT houses are an excellent option.

10 things you should know about prefabricated wooden houses

Living in a wooden house is an experience that can hardly be matched by any other kind of life. These log house buildings are the best way to relax and enjoy a happy and healthy life.

Prefabricated wooden houses offer a peaceful and quiet life and are an alternative to escape from the noise, pollution and crowds of cities. The wooden houses are located in natural habitats and this results in better physical and mental health. Wood, itself, has several properties that are beneficial to humans. At Pallars we explain some of them below:

1. Do you know that wood is the best natural insulation?

Wood is a natural insulator. It means that those who live in a prefabricated wooden house are protected from the severity of external weather conditions. Even if it’s very cold outside in winter, the internal temperature of a prefab log home remains at a uniform level.

Sudden drops in temperature do not have the same impact on the temperature of the interiors of a wooden house. In contrast, the internal temperature of the structures is maintained even when the external climate is highly variable.

Turn your wooden house into a comfortable and cozy place to live. Those who live in a wooden house have better physical and mental health, since they live in an environment with a stable temperature.

2. Do you know the thermal benefits of a wooden house?

Wood is a very thermally beneficial material. Other materials used in construction, such as concrete, cement, and metals, are affected by changes in heat. Most of these materials that are generally used in building constructions expand when temperatures rise.

Wood, on the other hand, does not wear out even in intense heat. Even when the temperature is too low, wood is not affected and helps preserve the integrity of the structure. Prefab wooden houses therefore have a longer life and face less damage due to changes in heat.

3. Do you know the acoustic advantages of wood?

Many musical instruments are made of wood. It is due to the acoustic properties of wood. It is also the reason why music concerts are held in rooms that have wooden walls. Wood absorbs sound, which produces less noise and echo and this generates an inner peace that is very important for our well-being.

Prefabricated wooden houses enjoy the same properties of wood. There is little noise indoors and these log house buildings provide a peaceful and quiet living environment. Also, if you like to play some musical instruments, the noise absorbing property of wood together with the serene and beautiful atmosphere of a wooden house makes for the best setting.

4. Did you know about the energy efficiency of wood?

Prefab wooden houses are highly energy efficient. Due to its natural insulating properties, wooden structures like the log house require less use of temperature control equipment. During winter they offer warmer interiors and in summer, the internal temperature is relatively cool, reducing dependency on energy-intensive equipment such as heaters or air conditioners. Our pockets and the environment will thank us as well.

5. Do you know the resistance to electricity of wood?

Wood is resistant to electricity, which makes prefab wooden homes a safer option to live in compared to other types of structures. There is very little chance of fire due to short circuit. Prefabricated wooden houses are generally located near forests or garden areas where there is a greater chance of protection during rain. Wood provides a safer option by protecting against any adverse event due to its resistance to electricity.

6. The aesthetics of wood

The construction of a wooden house is more aesthetically pleasing than any other type of building. The natural shapes in wood make a wooden house naturally attractive and beautiful and very pleasing to the eye. Such aesthetic beauty makes wooden houses relaxing, comfortable and cozy to live in. In addition, decorating prefabricated wooden houses with wooden furniture and decorative wood-based elements, gives it a warmth and a unique, warm and pleasant atmosphere where you want to be and live.

7. Did you know that wood helps protect the environment?

Due to lower energy consumption, wooden houses have low levels of carbon emission. Such wooden buildings are environmentally friendly. Those who are concerned about their carbon footprint and its subsequent impact on the environment, can choose a prefabricated wooden house as their place of residence and have a very clear conscience.

These wooden structures, due to the type of material used in their construction, also help to keep the environment clean and safe. The characteristics of a prefabricated wooden house help improve the physical health and mental well-being of its inhabitants.

8. Do you know the natural habitat of prefabricated wooden houses?

Prefabricated wooden houses are built away from towns. These are usually located in rural areas or near the forest. Such wooden structures, therefore, provide a natural habitat. Due to their proximity to nature, prefabricated wooden houses are immensely beneficial to the health of those who live in them.

These structures are far from the pollution and noise of urban areas, making them the perfect place to live. Living in wooden houses has several health-related benefits. These cabins are also a great source of fresh, clean air.

9. The lightness of wood

Prefab log houses are made of wooden logs that are lightweight. Therefore, they are easier to build. It is easy to carry the wooden logs to the location where a wooden house is being built. It makes transportation easy and cost effective.

The construction of such wooden house buildings is also easy compared to the construction of concrete buildings. Even in the case of damage, it is easier to replace damaged wooden logs with new ones and to bring them to the location of the residential cabin.

10. Did you know the resistance to oxidation of prefabricated wooden houses?

Wood has resistance to oxidation. Rust is the reason for consequent metal damage. But, wood on the other hand is protected from any oxidation, which gives wooden buildings a longer life. A residential log cabin therefore faces less wear and tear, reducing the requirements for maintenance and repair.

Log home buildings like residential log cabins offer several benefits due to the inherent traits mentioned in this article. These structures are more resistant to the weather and other natural elements, have a longer useful life, are more efficient in terms of energy, cost-effectiveness and environmentally friendly. Prefab log homes offer the best way to live a peaceful, happy and healthy life.

At Pallars we offer a variety of wooden houses and prefabricated houses, made with top quality materials including for their entire interior finishes, as well as their exterior, allowing a unique maintenance and comfort for this type of prefabricated wooden houses.

If you’re looking for prefabricated wooden houses for life and you want a high quality service from professionals with extensive experience in the wood sector, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to advise you and help you make the best choice.

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