Set of whip cases

We present a great project to Camprodon, in which the team of professionals from Pallars Fustes is structuring 6 cases with the whip as a main element.

It consists of a set of massissa shaft beams that add up to a surface area of ​​450 m², complemented by panels that offer great privacy and metal finishes.

All our constructions are complex with the current regulations: in this case, the beams are split and a plasterboard plate has been added to separate the habitats, offering extra protection from possible fires.

Thanks to the mechanization of processes with our CNC machinery and the design provided by the Pallars Fustes workshop, we managed to streamline the construction processes in our projects. Furthermore, our professional surveying equipment achieves great precision in all parts of the structures.

As a result, we will obtain a set of accessories with great energy efficiency.

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