Mas Parera

Wooden roof in Mas Parera, Palamós.

New work created in Palamós, specifically in Mas Parera, where we have assembled a technical wooden structure made up of a set of typical Catalan encabaladas, with a line of ridges and rafters. In its central part we have a tower formed by 2 structured horses that make an angle of 90 degrees, with a total of 10 different slopes forming this somewhat unique construction, which gives a final image of robustness as a construction material, always working with the best material and the best forms of technical structure in wood.

In one space we changed the two construction materials, in another part of the house we have Catalan tova seen on top of the beams with their inlay, and in another part of the house we finish with wooden flooring. A combination of materials to achieve differentiating environments within the home.

All this is linked to many years of experience with technical wooden roofs and everything related to technical measurements of large structures. At Pallars fustes we are specialists in all types of technical wooden roofs and all their derivatives.

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