Iroc flooring for a natural pool in Calonge, Girona

Remodeling of a pavement with Iroc for a natural pool in Calonge, Girona.

In this new remodeling, we have ensured the updating and the highest quality by replacing a material in poor condition with a new material. The change ensures improved quality, greater durability and better consistency.

First of all, from Pallars we have carried out the disassembly of the previous material.

Then, starting from our activity based on ingenuity and design, we have found an innovative and reforming fixation solution to achieve an extra firmness in pavement so that it leads safety. In the same way, focusing special attention on the edge of the end of the pavement, a corner piece has been made creating a harmonious and pertinent fusion with the pool.

Finally, the pavement has been lasurized with a totally specialized product achieving low and sporadic maintenance, 4 and 5 times a year. As long as careful use is carried out and depending on solar irradiation.

Following the fundamental values and philosophy of Pallars, our methodology is to take maximum care in the assembly from its beginning to its last step, ending with perfection and satisfaction for each project. We have spent our whole life creating environments where wood is the protagonist, standing out for its lively, welcoming, sustainable and noble character.

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