Family Home Extension - Calonge, Girona

Family home extension in Calonge, medium estructure

In this project the property has wanted to rehabilitate some of the housing and to make an expansion of terrace, pool and main room with a view to the whole of Palamós Bay.

In this case, from Pallars Fustes, we have developed the main deck of the room and the porch for the expansion of the kitchen and the dining room.

To do so, the solution is posed by a set of attirants, which sustain a set of waters to form the third water on the roof. To give it depth and perfect finish, the beam structure is painted grey and we have imperfectly rounded all the songs of the beams.

Thus, the combination of beams and white sheeting causes it to highlight and bring luminosity to the room. Where we have achieved a single space, accompanied by the views of the large windows.

The whole set with high thermal insulation, plus a ventilated chamber, make this deck a welcoming, temperate, and together with the glass will give the room the special touch it sought for the property.

Thanks to rapid and efficient execution and assembly, we have been able to adjust to the construction times we had stipulated for the construction of the deck. Both customers and we have been completely satisfied with the final result.

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