Integral refurbishment Porch in Sant Daniel, Calonge

Integral refurbishment of an old farmhouse in Sant Daniel, Calonge, as an exterior porch, medium structure.

The owners of a large plot of land occupied by an old farmhouse came with the intention of materializing and launching a new illusion, expanding the volume room as a porch. The challenge was to take advantage of the large windows. That is, take advantage of some windows on the east side of the house and give them more skill.

Also, looking for a quality finish and grouping the perfect combination between the modern and the rustic, a wooden material has been used where the grain is the protagonist. In this case, the fusion and intercalation of the veins and the renovating metal straps has been key.

Together, following the sustainability and a noble and conscious construction, a canal specialized in water collection has been built. From there all the water on the deck drains at one point forming a spade.

The whole ensemble reflects an avant-garde and ancient air. The porch is supported by 70 m2. A completely thermally insulated porch. And, a face seen table with Douglas fir spruce perfectly matched with the beams.

Finally, as a methodology, the whole project has been paved with one of the most innovative products on the market, achieving a unique and exceptional color. In the same way, the crane as a lifting and innovative element has been decisive throughout the process being able to minimize costs and adapt to new technologies.

In Pallars we are loving carpenters and wood specialists. Our experience allows us to show that the complex seems easy by creating large projects without impediments and difficulties.

Do not hesitate to contact us to carry out this type of project.

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