Expansion of the El Pigal Casa Kiko restaurant in Llessui, Lleida

This past month at Pallars Fustes we have dedicated ourselves to expanding the El Pigal Casa Kiko restaurant in Llessui Lleida

They had a terrace, which given the cold climate of the area they could not take advantage of. They called us and proposed to create a new space with the construction of a porch. We designed the structure for them and got down to work.

In the restaurant they are always in constant renovation and evolution and they have wanted to present it with this expansion.

We have created a synergy between both companies to find the key point for the use of this space.

For this project we have built a laminated wood structure accompanied by a glass roof and mobile awning that our colleagues at Tecsun built.

With this system we have sought to illuminate the space and at the same time isolate it from the cold.

This allows an outdoor terrace where diners can enjoy their dishes while contemplating the spectacular views of the Pyrenees. And in turn, it allows the restaurant to offer a larger and safer space, ideal for compliance with Covid-19 regulations.

We encourage you to come to Llessui and visit El Pigal Casa Kiko

And if you are thinking of expanding your premises or home, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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