Wooden solutions for the home

Wooden solutions for the home

Given the versatility and multiple uses of wood for both construction and decoration, today we bring you this blog article on wood solutions for the home, where you can get original ideas with recycled wood.

Below is a list of possible solutions made with wooden objects to decorate your home in an original and sustainable way.

Table and sofas made with pallets

Undoubtedly one of the most used objects for sustainable home decoration. And is that pallets are usually an easy choice to find and use to decorate our home. Some of the most common uses of these objects are as sofas for both indoor and outdoor terraces, accompanied by pillows, they will be an ideal and economical solution to furnish your living room or terrace. You can also stack more than one and make a table the height you prefer.

Table made with pallets

Wooden hanger with pallet

Another use we can give to recycled pallets is as a hanger or shelf, installing them vertically on a wall. All you have to do is place some wood as a shelf and secure it securely to prevent it from falling. Remember that you can do it as high as you want, you just have to fix them on top of each other.

Bed base made of pallets

You can also install pallets as a bed base in your bedroom, just like the previous solutions, you can place it at the height you want. Remember that you can treat the wood so that it lasts longer in good condition and you can also paint it so that your decoration fits perfectly with the style of your home.

Bed base with pallets

Pot or planter with pallet

One last use we can give to this logistics tool is as a tester or planter. All you have to do is fill in the blanks and plant what you like best. Remember to pre-polish the structure to avoid splitting any splinters when you need to water the plants.

Garden with pallets

Shelf made of skateboards

If you have any and do not know what to do with it, we advise you to use it as a decoration. You can use it as a shelf, all you have to do is look for the best way to fix it on your wall and decide to place it on it.

Another original idea you can do with skateboards is to make a few holes in the table to store your records. Then fix the table vertically to the wall and place the discs you want.


Christmas tree made with branches

Finally we encourage you to create a Christmas tree with wooden branches, you will have to sort them from shorter to longer and fix them on your wall to get a decoration like this:

Christmas tree

As you can see, there are many wood solutions for the home, they are environmentally friendly, sustainable for the planet and often cheaper than other options. If you liked an idea, don’t hesitate to carry it out, remember that in our blog you will find more articles related to this amazing material. If you have any questions or queries, you can contact us, we are specialists in wood architecture.

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