Advantages of using wood in architecture

Advantages of using wood in architecture

As good specialists in wood that we are, we know firsthand the advantages of using wood in architecture, that is why in the following writing you will find the keys and benefits of this material compared to others.

Main advantages

The first advantage of this material is its natural, recyclable and renewable origin. In addition, in its manufacturing process, lower levels of waste are obtained, compared to other more polluting materials. It is also a safe and simple material, as it does not produce unpleasant odors or unwanted chemical reactions.

Another important advantage is that it is a 100% renewable product, since if done correctly, the felling of trees and their subsequent planting does not negatively affect the ecosystem, therefore, we strongly recommend that you take care of our planet.


Main benefits

Its incredible benefits and characteristics such as natural insulation, both thermal and acoustic, make wood the best option to save energy in air conditioning and soundproofing spaces. This energy saving is achieved when wood is available in the windows, floors and walls of the space. This material remarkably absorbs all types of noise, so a lot is gained in terms of comfort, privacy and a feeling of comfort.

It is a robust and durable material, and when it is well treated, wood can last up to more than 700 years.

Bethlehem House

A clear example of this superpower is found in the oldest wooden house in Switzerland, located in the city of Schwyz. This building dates from the 11th century.

Another advantage of using wood in construction is its easy accessibility and its low cost compared to other materials. Not to mention its easy handling and use in any project.

To end this list of true advantages, there is a great variety of textures and finishes for this material, which makes it easier when deciding which one you prefer. Its varied patterns and reliefs mean that there are no two identical buildings made of wood.

We are convinced that wood is the past, the present and the future. And you, do you know what footprint you want to leave in this world?

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