The environment as life insurance


We define Environment as any space in which the life of living beings and all natural components takes place. It is, therefore, an environment that is constantly modified due to unconscious activities by people and that directly conditions society. It is vitally important to be aware that the survival of the planet is in our hands. You have to consider the environment as life insurance.

The impact of our footprint on the environment is devastating. Currently, despite the increase in environmental services and the 86% of the population that says they worry about climate change, the numbers do not translate into concrete practices led by exploitation and pollution. The environment offers all the essential natural resources that human beings need; food, clothing, electricity, transportation, house construction,…

Therefore, everything that the human eye itself can capture comes directly or indirectly from it, or from a place near or far from the other side of the Atlantic. The responsibility of both large and small cities is to guarantee the care of the inputs that surround them for a good coexistence and for a rational use.

What can we do?

Now is the time to take action to effectively protect the space you live in. Over the last decades, the strong growth of the world population and the increase in food needs has caused humans to generate severe damage. However, it is never too late to start changing mindsets and lifestyles. Here are some actions that everyone could consider:

Recycle. Plastic in the yellow container, organic in brown, paper and cardboard in blue, and glass in green. Careful; Batteries, batteries, oils, medicines, clothing,… must be disposed of in specific containers.

Avoid plastic at the time of purchase.

Take back the paper. If it has only been written on one side, take advantage of the other. Trees are the essence of nature.

Close unused lights to save electricity.

Disconnect electrical appliances. Up to 33% energy can be used.

Avoid aluminum foil to reduce waste.

Good use of water; turn off the tap while washing dishes or teeth.

Take care of the natural environment (squares, mountains, gardens, public parks,…)

Use of natural and non-chemical products.

A conscious and renewable world

Each action is essential for the continuation of the system, the quality of life of its present members and of future generations. The environment could be considered as the greatest life insurance where each individual must collaborate to ensure the harmony and balance of nature, reducing the environmental impact.

From Pallars Fustes we want to continue fighting for a conscious and renewable world. A world where wooden elements are reusable and recyclable. According to large conservation groups, wood is preferable to other materials. In other words, building in wood allows to substantially reduce CO2 emissions, increase energy efficiency and reduce the use of materials, construction time and the generation of waste.

In fact, more and more sustainable construction is part of the new trends due to climate change and CO2 emissions, the depletion of fossil fuel reserves, mainly oil and finally, increases the need for savings and better utilization of energy resources.

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