The effect of the moon on wood

The effect of the moon on wood

The state of the moon is known to have an effect on the tides, but did you know that it also has an effect on wood? In the following article, we are going to talk about this curious and little-known fact.

According to traditional knowledge, the lunar phases determine the quality of the wood. Therefore, it is believed that on certain days in which the Moon has a specific state, it is the best time to cut the trees, obtaining a higher quality wood as a result.

This is closely related to the natural sap inside the trees and the circular movement it makes from the branches through the trunk to the roots. The moon phase determines in which part of the tree this is concentrated.

The sap, the moon and the quality of the wood

Sap is a kind of liquid found inside trees. It is mainly composed of sugars and starches, its basic function being to nourish the cells of some plants.

Knowing that the movement of sap is closely related to the moon phase, we wonder when is the best time to cut the wood?

According to professionals in the sector, the best time to cut the tree and obtain the best quality wood is when the moon is in the new moon and waning quarter phase. This is because, at this time, the sap is concentrated in the roots, causing the trunk to have less liquid and therefore less moisture. This is the best time to cut the trees that will be used for construction, as their wood will be more uniform and durable.

In addition, and much more specifically, carpenters, woodworkers and foresters confirm that the best time to cut and obtain the best wood is during the waning moon in January and February. The cold and low light help to contract the tree’s sap at these times. As a result, the tree dries out faster than usual.

Drying of wood

On the other hand, the drying process and shrinkage of wood are fundamental, as they determine the weight of the wood in its dry state and thus its most important technical characteristics.

Scientists have found that the sapwood, the most water-rich part of the wood felled during the new moon, loses less water and, as a result, the trunk is heavier. This wood is therefore more suitable for certain applications.

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