Do you know the autoclave treatment for outdoor dusts?

Do you know the autoclave treatment for outdoor dusts?

Wood is naturally resistant and durable, although being a natural element, subject to certain environmental factors, it can suffer changes in its structure if it is not treated in the correct way.

In order to avoid the deterioration of materials, certain measures can be taken, and autoclave treatment for wood is one of the most common, well-known and effective resources for this purpose.

At Pallars Fustes we explain everything you need to know about this special treatment for exterior wood structures.

What is autoclave treatment for wood?

The autoclave is an airtight metal container capable of withstanding high pressures and which allows the application of treatments that improve the resistance of the wood to the degrading action of biological agents. The process consists of injecting chemical substances, mainly sand, into the structure of the natural wood, using varnishing techniques.

This treatment allows us to use certain types of wood outdoors and expose them to climatic conditions, which in a natural way they would not be prepared for. For this reason we have more possibilities when choosing the materials for our structures.

Does it affect the finish of the wood?

It is customary to see autoclave-treated wood with a greenish tinge. This is due to the fact that the treatment is based on the injection of water-soluble salts, which give the wood its natural colour. However, this does not always have to be the result. Products can be used to colour the wood or even techniques that respect its natural colour to a greater extent.

Advances in autoclave treatment:

  • Longer durability. Improved resistance to the action of insects and fungi.
  • It allows types of wood that are not suitable for outdoor use to be so. Like, for example, the pine wood.
  • It gives greater stability to the wood, i.e., it suffers less changes in the face of the climate.
  • In the autoclave process, retardant agents can be applied in front of the fire.
  • The maintenance costs of the whip are reduced.

At Pallars Fustes we know in detail the different treatments, that’s why our projects are not only to the aesthetic taste that each client demands, but we also offer the best materials. If you have any questions or queries, you can contact us, we are specialists in wood architecture.

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