Sustainable PEFC certification


According to various conservation groups, wood, paper or cork are preferable to other substitutes (cement, aluminum, …) when carrying out a construction for both the rural economic good and the environment.

Similarly, Greenpeace supports WWF’s position by emphasizing wood, a natural, reusable and recyclable material. That is, their production and disposal do not pollute or consume energy. Wood therefore becomes one of the best materials for carpentry, furniture, insulation,…

However, to state that we are talking about a faithful sustainable construction there are different certificates. This article will deal with the certificate that leads the constructions of Pallars, the forestry certificate FSC or PEFC. It is the most internationally recognized and fights day after day to ensure forest sustainability by generating benefits for all. Therefore, this article will talk about PEFC sustainable certification.

In other words, the PEFC certificate (Program for the Recognition of Non-Profit Forest Certification) highlights good practices in the forest and aims to ensure that forest elements are produced consciously always respecting environmental, social and ethical regulations.


The PEFC Certificate was born in 1999 following the outcome of the UN Earth Summit in 1992 under a clear goal, to reduce concern about deforestation and forest degradation and to increase forest biodiversity.


Currently, any public and independent administration can voluntarily submit to this assessment process and certify its responsible forest management practices. This certificate can on the one hand be made through the sustainability of forest management, Certification of Sustainable Forest Management. In this case, it specializes in forest inventory, forestry, exploitation and the economic, ecological and social consequences arising from the forestry activities carried out. Or, through product certification, Chain of Custody Certification. Certification that focuses more on forest products specifically used from production to marketing. In our case, wood.


  • Good social, economic and environmental practices.
  • Reduced risk of fires, pests and climate change.
  • Improves forest biodiversity.
  • Increases local employment.
  • Decreases the use of chemicals.

At Pallars Fustes, we fully believe in a sustainable and responsible future where the certification system is the key to stand out. If you are in favor of a good change, do not hesitate to contact us and we will advise you from our extensive and long experience. We are waiting for you!


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