Freshness in wooden constructions.

Freshness in wooden constructions.

Discover the freshness in wooden constructions. Many times we associate the typical wooden houses in the middle of the forest as winter buildings, but are wooden buildings cool in the summer heat? Can a log cabin stay cool?
The answer is yes. Log cabins stay cool in the summer as they are made of wood which is a natural insulator. Everything is in its construction and isolation. A log cabin will stay cool all day.

Advantages of building from wood materials:

  • Wood is structurally very strong
  • Exceptional insulator and energy saving
  • Renewable resource
  • Lower costs
  • Health & Wellness
  • Resistance
  • Humidity regulation
  • Less maintenance
  • Fast construction of wooden houses
  • Great durability

Wood as an insulator

Some building materials like steel, inorganic materials that are not combustible, expand when heated, which can weaken and collapse the structure. Wood reacts almost the opposite to this. When heated, the wood dries out and actually becomes even harder.

This means less energy “drain” from a home. If you want warmth (or freshness) to remain in your home, and you want to spend less money on heating (or cooling), wood is the alternative to brick, concrete or stone. Compared to other building materials, wood, economically, is the option to choose.

A house is not efficient just because in the cold months it does not let the heat escape, it must also, in the summer period, maintain the freshness inside the house. That is why it is important that the construction is well insulated.
In short, in the face of heat, as well as in the face of cold, wooden construction is the best solution for an efficient home. Both thermally, acoustically and, of course, economically, if you want an ecological house it is best to build in wood. That is why at Pallars, we have years of experience working in wooden constructions. Do you want one? Contact us!

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