Porche Hotel Pessets & Spa

Rehabilitation and improvement of the facades and expansion of the dining room.

We have already finished the last project that we mentioned with so much enjoyment. We are delighted to show you the work done at the Hotel Pessets & Spa.

It is a restyling of the hotel itself. We have sought to adapt to the surroundings by covering facades in wood and thus giving a more rustic air or that of a cozy hotel in the mountains.

We have played with the definition of 3/4 colors, marking each of the differentiating elements of the facades that, playing with the installation of led lights, will give a completely different appearance when it starts to get dark.

We have also worked on the outdoor dining area. We have created a differentiating playful space that will bring improvements to the restoration part. How? Creating a relaxation and reading area in which the objective is to transmit tranquility while enjoying the gardens and the pool. We have worked on a porch that offers a covered area at the entrance to the banquet hall.

Our workforce: We relied on a team of carpenters, painters, blacksmiths, electricians, illuminators, chalkboards, and palettes for the entire project. The coordination of this team is essential for everything to go perfectly. Taking care at all times of hotel’s operation, minimizing work time as much as possible to avoid possible inconvenience to hotel guests.

As always, with the best quality of materials used: we always mention it and in this case it will not be less. We already explained it in the last article where we talked about the beginning of the project. For the paneling of the facades as well as for the porch, we have used materials such as:

  • Waterproofing fabric: resistant to all types of temperatures, especially high temperatures and sun rays.
  • 45 × 95 cm preserved wood trailing that creates a ventilated chamber between the brick wall and the wood.
  • Iroko flooring, in triangular or Canadian shape, coated and prepared for long durability and also resistance to inclement weather. Both heat, cold, rain, wind, etc.….

This paneling is alternative and has been strategically placed on the facades following the indications of a professional decorator.

In summary, we have brought together technical and quality work to achieve a thought out aesthetic, above all, keeping in mind the clients who will use these spaces and thus can feel at home, or better!

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