Large wooden beams for ceilings

Large wooden beams for ceilings

Large wooden ceiling beams is a term used to describe the relatively large wooden members (load-bearing beams) that support a roof structure.

Their homes are typically those with exposed wooden ceiling beams, projecting outward or beyond the roof edge frame. The ceiling beams can also be ornamental. These decorative beams, although not necessarily easily distinguished from load-bearing ones, do not support ceiling structures at all and are in fact often suspended from them.

Most of the time, the ceiling joists are exposed to the elements. The degree of exposure varies with the building design and construction details. Even rafters that are cut flush with the edge of the roof are not immune to the effects of wind-driven rain and extreme temperatures. Roof rafters, often the only part of a structure that is not protected by the roof itself, are particularly vulnerable to weather-related deterioration. The rate of decay, which is primarily affected by humidity, temperature, and a variety of wood rot fungi, will vary between regions.

Now, have you ever wondered when it is better to use wooden beams?

If you are using the beams as actual structural support, you will need solid wood and will need to select a wood that is durable and flexible. Keep in mind that the solid wood beams are very heavy and their placement is a job for professionals. If you are building a house in an authentic old style or renovating a historical house, only wooden beams can be used. That’s why At Pallars Fustes we can answer all your doubts and we will inform you of the best option based on your needs.

What are the options of wooden beams for ceilings?

At Pallars Fustes we are specialists in the engineering, manufacture and assembly of all types of wooden structures and houses, we have a wide variety available. Choose from hand-carved beams, which have a surprisingly rustic look created by the axes used to cut them, or sawn lumber, which has a cleaner look and feel. Either one will enhance your ceilings and give them the feeling of centennial character.

With the large selection of wood and custom finishes, we can create beams that have a sleek, modern look or a clean, traditional look.

Can we use reclaimed wood to be used as a support element?

We do not recommend it as the wood could have been exposed to infestation, dry rot or other problems, so its use as a structural support is risky. Instead, you can use it as a decorative piece giving it a personal touch and homage to its history.

What if I need to keep a structural beam in place but want it to look more like wood?

That’s not a problem as the talented team at Pallars Fustes can create a custom box girder or hollow girder that will cover it in the wood look of your choice. Box joists are also a great way to hide pipes, electrical wiring, and other items that don’t match your overall décor.

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