Geometric architecture


Today we see increasingly challenging architectural projects. Projects that could not be carried out without a major fundamental area of knowledge: geometry. This branch of mathematics focuses on knowing the structural behavior of the forms that delimit an architectural space. Its relevance is clearly seen in geometric architecture.


So what exactly is geometric architecture? It is all that architecture that respects from beginning to end the established geometry. Walking down the street you can see how almost more than half of the buildings are based on geometric shapes.

Geometric architecture is one in which the different elements and designs are made by making simple and specific strokes. One of its main advantages is to save buildings by making the most of materials and spaces.


Here are some examples. Confirming that this is one of the oldest parts of mathematics, we move to Egypt with its famous pyramids. The pharaohs relied on the astronomical constellations’ own measurements to find out the exact measurements the pyramids should have.

On the other hand, in classical architecture, especially in Greece and Rome, the works have their own language and style creating harmony and proportion between each of the elements used.

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In short, geometry helps us shape a final appearance. After all, the production of any idea is to plan thanks to geometry and process according to the materials.

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