Discover the virtues of olive wood

Discover the virtues of olive wood

Because today is your world day, our blog today is for you to discover the virtues of olive wood, native to the Mediterranean area, more specifically southern Europe and North Africa.

As a general rule, the olive tree is not exploited for its wood but for its fruit, to obtain derivatives such as olive oil. This does not mean that it is not an excellent material for use in constructions, furniture, decoration, etc.

To celebrate World Olive Day today we would like to tell you a little more about the characteristics and benefits of this precious type of wood.

Why the olive wood?

Olive wood is one of the hardest, most resistant, indigenous and beautiful woods that currently exist. Rated 6 out of 20 on the Monnin scale, it is an ideal wood for small constructions due to its high hardness and durability.

Some of the applications of this type of wood is its use for floors, kitchen and bathroom countertops, tables and even for household items. The complexity and irregularity of its veins makes each piece unique and special. It is also ideal for making stairs, doors and interior decoration.

Some features

As a curiosity, the olive tree can reach 20-25 meters in height when it reaches adulthood, it can have a diameter of 8 to 10 meters. It is also characterized by its slow growth and its power to heal itself, and is that when it perceives any disease, it is able to grow new shoots to keep the tree alive.

Its density is between 850 and 1100 kg per cubic meter, its colors adopt infinite shades although it is common to find it in ocher, brown or reddish tones. It is classified as one of the hardest types of wood and its rings are very difficult to differentiate due to the curvature and knots of its trunk. Very resistant to fungi and insects and with a smooth and natural glossy finish, perfect for polishing and staining without complications.

At Pallars Fustes, we are committed to a sustainable future that is respectful of its ecosystem.

Discover the virtues of olive wood

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