Wood as insulator

Wood as insulator

In antiquity, wood was the main building material for thousands of years, alongside the soft, which allowed the early civilizations to develop. Its use has been adapted to society’s new needs, improving its building techniques and studying in depth to exploit its multiple profits to the full.

With the evolution of construction, wood became second, but knowing more and more of its benefits, it once again plays a considerable role.

One of its main features is its insulating element. Let’s explain to you all that this benefit can bring you.

As thermal insulator:

Wood has more capacity as a thermal insulator than we think. Although it varies by species, on average it is 15 times higher than a concrete wall. On a wall, a frieze of 20 mm isolates like a 300 mm concrete wall.

According to a study carried out by the Institute of Biomechanics of Valencia (IBV), wood spaces prevent abrupt heat losses when, for example, the ground is stepped with barefoots. This feature is also related to the energy efficiency of buildings, as it reduces the need to heat or cool the environments.

Wooden model of a house under a glass cover on a white background.

Com a aïllant de sorolls de l’exterior:

Wood also has acoustic properties. It manages to isolate noise from the outside, condition and absorb sound waves by avoiding reverberation. The clearest example is wood used in walls and ceilings of auditoriums and music palaces.

According to the IBM study, interior spaces with wood generate a less reverberation time than is produced in a non-wood space. This means that there are fewer noises and noises, which improves intelligibility. By not resonating words, the diction is clearer, so the installation of wood in spaces such as classrooms, halls or meeting rooms is advised.

It is for these reasons, among others, that wood is the appropriate material if you want to create comfortable, warm winter space and cooler summer space. With perfect noise, it is also insulating outward noise.

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