The best types of wood boards to work on

From Pallars Fustes we work different types of board according to their functionality, the most professional range, would be the 3-layer boards, the tri-layer boards, the plywood boards, the wooden cardboard boards, QSB – the structurally oriented boards, the DWD boards, the board. structural oriented OSB and HPL boards, although some of the most common are:


Three-layer boards are “natural and living” products, semi-made of solid fir wood, suitable for covering walls, ceilings and roofs; increasing in the construction of prefabricated and industrial buildings. Used as an exterior cladding, the three-layer board gives the facades an improved aesthetic value and gives it great personality, since depending on the surface treatment to which they are subjected, it offers great creative freedom, ease of transformation and durability over time; in addition to underlining environmental sustainability. Our boards are produced according to UNE-EN 13986, UNE-EN 13353 and UNE-EN 13017-1 standards.


This board is made of layers of chips oriented perpendicular to the previous layer, in such a way that constitutes a material with a homogeneous performance against expansion or stress in different directions. It is resistant to deformation and is compatible with any decorative and cladding material. This material is widely used in construction due to its structural resistance, but it is normally covered by some type of coating.


Plywood is probably the most widely available manufactured board material. It is made by joining several thin veneers of soft or hard wood, or a combination of each. There are always an odd number of veneers and the grain direction runs alternately to give the material strength; the more veneers used, the stronger the plywood. Both the type of glue and veneers determine the suitability of a sheet for a particular application. The quality of the finish of plywood varies greatly, some have attractive grains while others may have a large number of knots.
The wood Board of high visual quality, favors the use in decorative coatings. Easy to handle product due to its excellent weight-volume ratio.
Plywood is a type of product derived from wood consisting of a board formed by thin sheets of radiata pine, glued one on top of the other with the fibers placed alternately transversely. Thanks to this way of alternating the direction of the fibers, the resulting board is highly resistant against humidity, favoring its use in interior environments. Exterior grade plywood (WBP – Water and Boil Proof) is specially made with a waterproof adhesive to support a certain amount of moisture and can be used for outdoor construction, sheds, etc. and is sometimes used as a cladding material, particularly for inserting Panels under windows. WBP requires additional protection (paint or varnish) to protect the exterior coating.
Internal plywood is of a similar quality to Exterior grade but does not use waterproof adhesive. It can be used for wall panels, flooring and furniture.
Shuttering Ply is used in the construction industry to make form boxes to hold concrete while it shuts down. Although water resistance to some extent, the sides of this material are not finished with a decorative veneer and are generally not suitable for use where a quality finish is required.
Marine Plywood is made with waterproof adhesive so it can be submerged in water, veneers won’t last forever under water so the material still needs to be finished with paint or varnish.

Plywood is typically available in 2440 x 1220 sheets (or subdivisions) and in thicknesses from 3 to 35mm.

Plywood that is supplied with a decorative veneer can be varnished or painted, but to get a really smooth surface you will need some good preparation, as most plywood is not as smooth as planed wood.

Sheets are also available with pre-printed sides, as mock panels.


The compact board is a high-pressure laminate formed with several layers of craft paper pressed at high temperatures to form a very resistant laminate from 2mm to 20mm thick. Moisture and impact resistant board, suitable as it has two decorative faces (various designs), for public bathrooms, gym lockers, swimming pools, outdoors, etc.
They have been established for decades as a tough material for heavy duty interior work such as wall cladding.
The main advantages of the Max Compact plate are the following: scratch resistant; easy to clean; resistance to solvents, acids and bases; Heat resistant; innocuous; quick assembly, impact resistant; resistance to external agents.


Structural board for mezzanines, made of technical wood by means of a continuous pressing process. Unique composition that differentiates it from the rest of the existing boards on the market and gives it superior physical and mechanical properties.
SuperPan Tech P6 is a panel composed of wood fiber faces and an interior of high-performance agglomerated wood particles for structural use.
Physical properties:
  • P6 classification: high performance board for interior structural use in a dry environment.
  • P5 classification: interior structural use in a humid environment.
  • High mechanical resistance.
It is recommended to place the tongue and groove boards transversely to the joists, with their shorter sides resting on a joist or other edge support.
It is recommended that straight-edged boards be supported continuously on all four sides, with their shorter sides resting on the joists and the larger ones on the crossbars or joint covers.
All the edges of the perimeter of the deck or those obtained by cutting must rest on the joists or cross members.
It is recommended that the joints on the short side of the boards be placed alternately regardless of the type of edge.


Viroc is a wood and cement panel. A composite material, formed by a mixture of wood particles and compressed and dry cement.
It combines the flexibility of wood with the strength and durability of cement, allowing a wide range of applications, both indoors and outdoors.
Its appearance is not homogeneous, which is a natural characteristic of the product.
Can be calibrated / sanded (for applications requiring minor tolerances). Once calibrated, it has visible wood particles on the surface of the panel.
  • Resistant and flexible like wood.
  • Rigid and durable like cement.
  • High resistance to impact, fire, humidity, thermal variations, fungi …
  • High acoustic insulation power.
  • VIROC® is a versatile, functional and aesthetic panel.
  • It responds to the high standards of eco-efficiency and energy efficiency.


NewTechWood wall covering is the ultimate solution for exterior walls, combining the strength and longevity of a coated wood plastic composite with an engineered design.
  • Long life and low maintenance. This wall covering adds color, texture and unbeatable resistance to stains and UV rays.
  • Organic product. Made with 95% recycled materials. Reduce your carbon footprint by reducing waste, conserving energy and using an optimal process.
  • Unique liner clip. This clip allows air circulation between the cladding and the wall, keeping the interior dry and isolated from outside water. It allows the expansion and contraction of the slats and at the same time, thanks to the screw option, can be used as a locking clip to control the direction of movement.
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