Parc Mirador La Cuirassa (Lleida)

Happy to have been part of the recovery work of one of the most important Jewish neighborhoods in Catalonia.

On September 20, 2018, the Parque Mirador La Coraza was inaugurated, located in the heart of the old town of Lleida, under the castle of the city. The inauguration was attended by more than 300 people participating in the three religions as a sign of good coexistence between all of them. Since around the ninth and tenth centuries the Jews contributed to the growth of the city by coexisting between the Christian and Muslim religions. We are talking about a very emblematic neighborhood of the city

In this project we provided advice to management, the provision of constructive solutions and the implementation of the work of the set of retaining walls with wood, wooden walkways, wooden steps, wooden benches and Totem work logo more than 9 meters high.

This part connects with the High Street of Lleida, by means of a direct elevator until arriving in front of the same City council of Paeria. This has been one of the largest public works in the city of Lleida in recent times in which we were able to participate.

This project has brought together industrialists of all kinds: builders, earthmoving, building demolition, metalworkers, archaeologists, electricians and gardeners. Our contribution to this great team was as structural woodworkers.

A multicultural space has been created, beautiful and with great views of the city of Lleida. Vinyls have even been placed to tell the story of the different neighborhoods in the area. In this way we will facilitate the visit of tourists and school excursions.

We can see more information and more photos of the inauguration of this work in the article of the newspaper Segre de Lleida. It also informs us of the beautiful artistic result and what it means at the cultural level. Find the link below: Find the link below:



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