Recharging pergolas for electric cars

Recharging pergolas for electric cars

We are increasingly aware of the importance of caring for our planet, as this will mean ensuring a sustainable and healthy future for all. At present, climate change, deforestation, air and water pollution, over-exploitation of natural resources, among many other problems, threaten the survival of the planet.

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about solar energy and all the benefits of using it, as it is a renewable energy source that allows sun rays to be converted into clean energy, replacing the use of non-renewable energy, with the advantage that it is a non-polluting resource, it reduces energy consumption and therefore a saving on the bill of light.

There are already many ways to use solar energy, including electric cars, using rechargeable solar pergolas.

What are recharging pergolas for electric cars?

Solar recharge pergolas for electric cars are an innovative and sustainable solution that takes advantage of solar energy to load electric vehicles. These structures are designed with roof-integrated solar panels, which capture solar energy and convert it into clean and renewable electricity.

They are an excellent alternative to traditional charging points, as they not only provide clean energy, but also provide shade and protection for the vehicles being loaded. This allows us to reduce the carbon footprint of transport, reducing dependence on fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions by promoting the transition to a low carbon economy.

In Pallars Fustes we make the structures of the high-quality wooden pergolas, which allow us to pigment with any color from the range of the most common standards, and eco-sustainable by making their function, along with solar panels, optimal.

Reload pergolas advance

There are many advantages to starting using solar recharge pergolas for electric vehicles:

  • Reduction to your light bill. A significant saving is being made, as you will have a lifetime of electric power production.
  • Decreasing carbon emissions, using solar recharge greatly reduces the carbon footprint.
  • Design structure with your custom style incorporating wood as a noble and ecological material par excellence.
  • The energy surplus provided by the pergola can be used in the use of the home or in the facilities where it is located.
  • The use of wood as an ecological, natural and transpirable material, together with solar energy, allows us to create perfect synergy for reducing the greenhouse effect by achieving a greener, cleaner and healthier world.
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