Què és la fusta laminada creuada (CLT)?

Pallars Fustes Cross Laminate Lumber (CLT) is a massive lumber construction product that consists of at least three single-ply panels that are joined transversely. We use only environmentally friendly adhesives to press them into structural panels of exceptional dimensional stability and rigidity. CLT is available in different panel thicknesses based on your structural requirements. We currently offer dimensions up to 2.95 × 16 m.

It’s no wonder CLT construction is on the rise. Lightweight yet strong, with superior acoustic, fire, seismic, and thermal performance, CLT is currently being used in place of concrete, masonry, and steel in residential, industrial, and commercial building construction.

Thanks to its inherent structural qualities, CLT has no architectural limitations. CLT resists high compressive and shelving forces, so it can be especially cost-effective for long-life, multi-story applications. Due to its dimensional stability and structural properties, this solid wood product is well suited for floors, walls and ceilings.

CLT is a highly flexible wood product that is easily adapted for further processing. It can be used in conjunction with any building material. And compared to heavy mineral-based materials, the CLT is easily moved with lighter cranes on the construction site.

High precision in the factory, high safety on site

CLT panels are cut to size using computer controlled cutting machines that perform complex cuts with high precision. The panels are generally prefabricated and transported to the construction site.

Prefabrication means high precision and, in turn, a construction process characterized by faster completion times, less demand for on-site workers, and less disruption to the surrounding community. Prefabrication also helps increase construction site safety.

Quick assembly, construction and disassembly.

With CLT, you can pre-fabricate an entire project thanks to its precise manufacturing and pre-fabricated nature. This saves you time and money on site because the installation becomes more efficient.

Energy efficient and sustainably produced lumber

CLT by Pallars Fustes can help you meet your customers’ sustainability requirements. As a consistent product with minimal variations, CLT’s construction is energy efficient.

Our CLT is made from spruce sourced from sustainably managed sources.

Key benefits of CLT
We firmly believe that CLT is the building material for a sustainable future. CLT offers many advantages over conventional building materials:
  • Positive CO 2 balance
  • Ecological and sustainable construction method
  • CLT is lighter than concrete or brick.
  • Good insulating properties
  • Excellent structural properties and dry construction method
  • Short preparation time, easy to assemble and high level of prefabrication
  • Excellent structural properties and dry construction method
  • Earthquake proof construction method
  • Up to 10% more living space gained by using CLT
  • Comfortable and healthy indoor climate

In addition, with the CLT assembly and construction are quick and that helps to save time and reduce total costs. It is exceptionally strong, rigid and stable, it can handle load transfer to all sides. The massive structure provides good thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as impressive performance in the event of fire. Sustainably sourced and produced wood can help meet carbon offset requirements and reduce your environmental footprint. . Strength combined with long-range bi-directional capabilities allows for innovative designs in wood.

Solid wood CLT building
Wood is the building material of the future, as growing social awareness of resource conservation and simultaneous technical developments bring back to focus the oldest building material of mankind. Through the intensive use of wood, “new forests” are emerging in our cities and towns, providing a substantial carbon pool that alleviates the burden on the environment. Building with CLT makes an important contribution to protecting the climate and the environment.
Wood reduces CO2 emissions.
Widely available everywhere, wood is a natural and sustainable raw material that grows faster than it is used. During its growth, a tree absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and a building made of wood stores carbon for centuries. At the same time, with the help of solar energy and photosynthesis, the new trees grow back and absorb more carbon. 1 m³ of wood warehouses absorbs approx. One ton of CO2, therefore, the use of wood plays an active role in reducing the greenhouse effect. A wooden house that is disassembled after centuries of use does not leave useless garbage, but usable wood. Individual items can be reused, while scrap metal can be used as a source of energy. CLT is made from PEFC certified softwood derived from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources.

CLT is a solid wood construction product consisting of at least three single-ply bonded panels arranged at right angles to each other. Starting with five layers, CLT can also include interlayers (cross layers) without close lateral bonding. CLT panels are made of spruce or pine wood, consist of several layers and are available in different panel thicknesses depending on structural requirements. The layers are bonded with eco-friendly adhesives. CLT is an approved and tested construction product and its production process is subject to stringent external testing to ensure high quality and safe construction with CLT. Diligent production planning ensures that the raw materials to produce CLT are used in the most efficient way. With proper planning, construction and protection against adverse weather conditions and humidity.

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