Wooden roof of great difficulty of 12 different waters - Prats and Sansor, Cerdanya

Wooden roof in Prats of great difficulty with 12 different slopes.

This time we have been working on a new project that has been a challenge that we have successfully achieved.

It is a roof with 12 different slopes, with complex knots and a great technical difficulty.

This project is characterized by being fast, accurate and millimeter thanks to the most modern and accurate means we have used, and thanks to the highest quality materials we have offered to the customer in order to increase its value and that the owners can enjoy. of a supreme good.

Our team, together with the builder, has achieved a wooden structure for a family home, with specific and exclusive volumes and shapes.

The beauty obtained with this structure makes it unique and differentiating it from conventional single-family homes.

Satisfied to create new hopes for the owners and to be able to offer ever better projects that contribute to making our lives happier and taking care of the environment.

When do we make your dream come true?

Do not hesitate to contact us to carry out this type of project.

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