Single-family home coverage

In this differentiating project, we started with a combination of wooden roofs and traditional roofs. Thanks to the roofs suspended in the set of pillars, they give the house a sensation of floating roofs.

A project where both architectural and technical requirements have been high.

The house has a set of wooden beams with an aged finish, fixed to the walls with a whole set of stainless screws due to its proximity to the sea, and a cover formed by a wide aged sawn timber. A solution that gives a rustic vision, inside a completely modern house.

The next coverage package consists of fabrics, 25 cm thermal insulation, ventilated chamber, waterproofing and roof tile. A solution that will allow us not to have heat fluctuations both in winter and in summer.

Outside, the house has a shaded pergola formed by a set of pine beams, treated for the exterior and a set of stainless fixings to give a long useful life.

A unique project, different and integrating all kinds of materials that achieve unique spaces.

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