Roof for single-family house

In this project the Pallars Fustes team worked on a single-family house in the old town of Palamós. Formed by a gable roof between party walls, with a very wide ridge (more than 9 m) and a whole set of semi-vaults forming the two slopes.

The whole complex has been covered by a prefabricated panel with great thicknesses of thermal insulation, and a different interior finish to what we are used to; a wider table that gives a modern and differentiating touch to the roof.

Two roof windows have been installed throughout the building to provide light for the staircase and the bathroom. Finally, we have finished with the ceramic covering of the entire roof, resulting in a unique and differentiating project.

A perfect combination of materials in which we can appreciate that, all things being equal, wooden decks are an economical, efficient and healthy product.

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