Ibizan style pergola in Tamariu

At Pallars Fustes it’s clear: working with wood is our passion, our way of life, our world, but it’s also true that seeing our clients enjoy the result of its use is a luxury. Today we want to present you an Ibizan style pergola made with km0 wood that we have just built. The base wood is Douglas Pine from Catalan forests, cut and mechanized in Catalonia, all locally to save costs and respect the environmental impact. The painting and finishing treatment is with gray stripping, with a 3 cm bamboo cover. With the art-nouveau decorators, we take a modernist approach in a villa on the Costa Brava, with the best views of Tamariu. Finished with solid IPE flooring. In addition to starting to enjoy a new home and gain space, you have to see that your home improves 100% and that you too will improve in quality of life and health, feeling much happier.

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