Iroko Pergola

¿Vols construir una pèrgola a la teva terrassa?

Iroko is your perfect wood. Iroko is a tropical wood, known for its strength and durability, as well as its interesting grain and coloration. It is a very versatile, raw material that can be seen in many implementations, especially as it’s been used in flooring or platforms.

Most of the production of iroko comes from a tree known as “milicia excelsa”. Additionally, there is another species called “milicia regia” whose wood is also known as iroko, although it is somewhat denser and of better quality.

It has characteristics similar to that of Teak wood, hence it is known as African Teak. However, it is somewhat lighter and less greasy as it does not produce the natural resin known as teak oil.

Iroko is native to Central and East Africa, from countries such as Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria and many others. Unfortunately, they are areas where the laws have not been respected and there has been uncontrolled logging.

Característiques de la fusta de Iroko

The color of the Iroko ranges from a light yellow in the sapwood to shades of brown in the heartwood. It changes color quickly when exposed to the sun. Teak oil is often applied to preserve it and stabilize the color. At the time of sawing the color differences are very noticeable, although later on it balances out. Its density is semi-heavy: 640-660 kg / m3 at 12% humidity. It is a very stable wood once dry, with little tendency to bend. It is a semi-hard wood with 3.9 in the Monnin test. It is resistant to the attack of fungi and insects. It is a very durable wood.

It is an easy wood to work with. We present an example of a pergola that we have built near the beach, so that you can see its beauty and the elegance of this beautiful material.




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