Interior and Exterior Tongue and groove and Flooring

From Pallars Fustes we offer complementary products in wood construction such as internal tongue and groove and flooring.

Interior tongue and groove joints can complement interior wood beam structures in beam-to-beam gaps. They are Flanders pine or spruce boards with straight or bevel finishes. The widths of the boards can be 120/150/175 / 200mm and the thicknesses range from 19/22/25/28 / 32mm. We can also use tongue and groove for wooden floors, achieving a very cozy rustic and natural finish.

We can offer you different types of wood for tongue and groove such as iroko, ash, chestnut … As for the pallets, we have interior pallets of natural, laminated and solid wood, with variable widths and different types of wood, both coniferous and noble. They allow us to create floors that complement the wooden structures, providing warmth, well-being and comfort.

We have outdoor decking in various types of woods and thicknesses. The most used woods for exteriors are autoclave treated pine, heat-treated pine or ash, bamboo, ipe and iroko.

Autoclaved pallets offer great advantages in terms of outdoor exposure. Our autoclaved pine complies with risk class 4 treatment, a treatment in which the wood or the wood product is in contact with the earth or with fresh water and is therefore permanently exposed to humidification.

When it comes to heat-treated wood, we can say that during heat treatment the cells of the wood are modified, producing the following changes:
  • The color darkens, achieving a more tan hue.
  • The equilibrium moisture content is reduced by 10-50%. The dimensional instability of wood, due to the variation of humidity in the air, clearly decreases in products subjected to heat treatment.
  • Decreases water absorption. Strains and stresses caused by changes in humidity are reduced. Thermal conductivity drops up to 30%.
  • UV rays affect the appearance of the wood by modifying its original tone in grayish tones. We recommend applying a stain-based protection immediately after installation.
  • The finishes of the exterior decking can be in blunt, beveled and grooved edge.

As for tropical wood pallets, we offer two different fixing systems: with staple and with screw to the corresponding lower trailing and upper finish with a special exterior stain.

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