How to make space in your home in a practical way?

Do you need more space indoors or in the garden?

First of all we have to be clear about what I need space” means, the family grows, the junk does too, we are beings that like to hoard. Hence the question or reflection. You may really need to redistribute the house, generate new spaces, more cabinets, shelves, multipurpose solutions, but you may also have to review the things you have, what you need and what you don’t. And if necessary, get rid of things that are useless.

That is why as a first point we advise you to only keep what you need, what you wear, what you wear, what you have not used for 2 years, you will never use it again, be clear. Rearrange your cabinets, open boxes, dust and throw away or give away what you haven’t used for a long time. Space is a priority in our home and we cannot waste it.

Order is a priority factor when it comes to wanting to gain space. That is why at Pallars we always suggest activating the cabinets and if space is insufficient, finding new spaces is our challenge, like the example we present below.

The owners wanted to save space in a room in the house with a high enough height to make it more functional. After our visit, we proposed to create space in height with a wooden structure that divides the vertical in two. It was proposed to paint it white to give more light to the room and a Led lighting system was installed. The slab gave the existing dining room a double space that has become a beautiful and functional personal office. They have gained a 15 m² room in a space that was completely open. This wooden structure was assembled in two working days. We designed the staircase, combined with wood and metal, which he manipulated with the railing, giving it a very special touch. The farm has gained space, light, sustainability and practicality.


Pallars Arquitectura in wood has given more life and will make this farm on the Costa Brava look better than ever.

It should be noted that the outlook that we have at Pallars, leads us to working for friends, more than for clients. It has been a real pleasure working with this traditional wine-loving family.

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