Fabric, light and wood. The perfect combination

At Pallars Fustes, we take care of nature, we know how to treat wood to design and create the house of your dreams. We are restless and love to offer new solutions to our customers who love us as if they were part of our family.
Following this impetus, we have added synergies with an innovative and creative company located in Calonge and Sant Antoni: Artplay.

The perfect combination

Pallars Architecture with wood and Artplay are the perfect combination of quality, innovation, creativity, youth and professionalism.
Designing and developing and producing each order to measure and with the utmost care and quality, while betting on sustainability has been a maxim in both companies.

To this spirit, Artplay adds the added value that Pallars Fustes brings, jointly managing to offer a new and different solution to the markets of event organization, ephemeral architecture, interior decoration and retail.

We evolve, we think as a team, with enthusiasm, projection … what moves us is the end result, to get closer to the fact that everyone can enjoy a full and healthy life. Together we move forward thinking of new proposals for the future, constant reinvention, changes of concept, new products and a wide range of new opportunities arise from this collaboration.

As a result of this union, we present the new and exclusive line of Light Boxes & Wood.
In the great qualities of wood: it is a sustainable and healthy element, efficient, warm, elegant and noble and the know-how on the material provided by Pallars Fustes, we have combined the quality and impeccable finishes of the printed fabric stretched and efficiency of LED lighting provided by Artplay.

Innovative light boxes, which become an elegant and exclusive product, which brings life, brightness and warmth to any space where they are installed. They dress and highlight spaces that went unnoticed, enriching both interiors and exteriors.

Discover also the new generation of Dynamic Light Boxes. Giving more life to light boxes + color + movement + dynamism. Combine this dynamism with the efficiency of the wooden frame as the quintessential natural, sustainable, durable and versatile material.

The result has been a spectacular and amazing solution that leaves no one indifferent.

For which wooden boxes?

Wood is the ecological and sustainable material par excellence. Its great malleability means that we can do all kinds of projects and applications.

Although aluminum is a 100% recyclable material and the finishes are impeccable; it has no soul, the warmth, the healthiness that comes from wood. For this reason, to offer not only beautiful but also living solutions, we have created this new range from the hand of those who have a passion for wood and wood in the heart.
Because we like what wood conveys.

Always innovative, Artplay and Pallars have jointly developed the process of creation and innovation in order to offer the best solutions to their customers.

Wall boxes with Led technology framed with wood.
Kit-type machined wooden structures, with hidden laces for easy assembly and disassembly for events, exteriors, tents, pagodas.

And who is Artplay?

With a long career in the manufacture of exhibition and decoration systems, Artplay was born in Barcelona and more than ten years ago, settled in the Baix Empordà.

Manufacturers of light boxes and fabric frames for businesses and private homes, stands for fairs, events, exhibitions and interior design projects as well as their own products and solutions for the exhibition of advertising media.

Specialized, in tailor-made projects and modular systems based on the combination of aluminum profiles, stretch fabric and LEDs, now incorporate, in the hands of Pallars Fustes, in its range of solutions wood as a new material.

And who is Pallars Arquitectura with wood?

A company specializing in wooden structures, pergolas, construction of wooden houses, … Coming from the Lleida Pyrenees and third generation, whose main objective is to build healthy spaces, sustainable, warm, exclusive, functional and environmentally friendly.

We carry out tailor-made designs, both for new construction and rehabilitation, providing innovative solutions. A professional and human team with a great passion for wood.

Thank you Artplay for trusting us and letting us participate in their hopes. We fully trust his talent, he has guaranteed success.

Artplay Light Boxes & Pallars Wooden Wooden Frames, much more than billboards.

Your shop window will not go unnoticed by anyone. Quality comes through the eyes!

For more information call us at 872 029 065 or write to us at comercial@pallarsfustes.com

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