Do you know how to recycle properly?


Separating waste well in our home is to encourage its recycling and / or proper treatment, it is to introduce into the production and consumption cycle products and materials that have been used, we do not need and we want to get rid of.

Therefore, we can say that the waste is not disposed of, used and / or treated properly. From this statement, understand that any object or product once we no longer need it, if we deposit it in the right place, we facilitate that a new cycle begins: that of its use.

Each of us has a responsibility to deposit waste properly and improve day by day by doing less. It is very important that at the time of purchase we take into account reducing the amount of waste that will have to be thrown away. Separating well also means generating less and in any case, a waste will have a long life if we deposit it in the right place, it will be cheaper in your town and it is used correctly to make new products. So we open a whole cycle to waste, a whole new opportunity.

If they separate correctly:

We conserve the environment

We avoid damaging the environment by throwing away products that pollute and damage our natural environment. In order to enjoy nature, we are primarily responsible for it.

We save natural resources

We avoid producing new raw materials, this means that we do not damage the environment by avoiding the exploitation of natural resources such as forests, minerals, water to preserve our environment for future generations.

Recycled raw material for new products

It allows many producing companies to buy raw materials from the recycling cycle to manufacture new products: textiles, street furniture, insulation, automotive parts, new packaging …

The great benefit of the organic fraction

From the leftovers of food and gardening that we generate at home we obtain a great benefit. The organic fraction is one of the most valuable waste: with its processing in specialized plants we obtain organic or compost fertilizer, and biogas that is used as an energy source.

recycle properly


  1. Onlyplastic containers, cans and bricks (no plastic toys, no bottles, pacifiers, kitchen utensils or plastic buckets should be thrown in the yellow bin), all of which should go in the rubbish bin.
  2. Only blue and cardboard containers can be deposited in the blue container (with the exception of napkins and dirty papers, which will also go in the gray container, the waste container).
  3. Green container only remnants of glass are thrown away, those of crystal not. The light bulbs that have to be taken to a green spot cannot be thrown here either, we also have to bring the mirrors, ashtrays, glasses and plates there.

It is recommended that each rubbish bin in our house also has the same colors as the final container to make it easier to dispose of waste. Many homes have three buckets for recycling glass on one side, paper and cardboard on the other, as well as plastic. Afterwards, the remains, organic and other materials that cannot be recycled or deposited in green points, can be put in a separate bag.

Recycling properly is key. At Pallars Fustes we are very aware of taking care of our planet and making it more sustainable. That is why our constructions are made with sustainable materials.

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