Wooden houses also improve health

Wooden houses also improve health

There is an old Scandinavian saying that says: “If your doctor can’t help you, go live in a wooden house”. Indeed, this type of housing brings many benefits for people, and also for the environment.

We highlight the most important:

  • Natural insulator: Wood is a natural insulator against adverse weather conditions and against noise. For this reason, in the face of sudden rises or falls in temperature, the interior of the home remains pleasant and comfortable all year round. On the other hand, wood absorbs sound, turning each space into a calm and silent environment.
  • Greater energy efficiency: The fact that wood acts as a natural insulator results in significant energy savings, as the consumption of air conditioning equipment is reduced.
  • Greater financial savings: They also provide the great benefit of being much more economical than conventional constructions. Mainly, this is because the build time is much lower.
  • They help to improve health: Thanks to the fact that they are built from a natural material, the atmosphere is always fresh and pleasant. If you or a member of your family suffers from a health problem, living in a wooden house can help a lot in the recovery process.
  • Benefits for the environment: In previous points, we have commented that wooden houses are very energy efficient, but they also reduce the environmental impact, since wood is a sustainable and renewable construction material.
  • Great durability: It is usually thought that this type of housing does not have a long useful life. However, the truth is that they resist wear and tear caused by moisture, wind or the sun. All this means that, with proper maintenance, wooden houses are practically eternal.
  • Greater safety against fires: They are even safer against a fire than other types of buildings. Contrary to some materials that are much more flammable and consume more quickly, wood is a stable material in fire and that consumes very slowly when attacked by flames.

The wooden houses are built on the basis of organic natural materials that allow greater peace of mind and a better quality of life. Wooden houses also regulate the environmental humidity inside the house and help prevent these diseases; such as the possibility of getting asthma, sinusitis or lung infections.

Common building elements in traditional houses such as radon gas, Portland cement material or concrete block compost cause health problems due to the waste they generate. In Spain, the concentration level of radon gas is not regulated inside homes. This highly polluting element easily emanates from the ground and passes into the air, where it disintegrates and emits other radioactive particles. When we breathe, people inhale these particles that are deposited in the cells that line the respiratory tract and can damage DNA.

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