Wood, the noble, organic and 100% natural material associated with sustainability

Wood, the noble, organic and 100% natural material associated with sustainability

Wood is a pioneer in sustainable architecture. It is the only renewable raw material that nature offers us. We are increasingly aware that our way of life has to be more sustainable and respectful of the environment. Today, efficient use of resources is made in construction in order to give rise to ecologically healthy homes. The construction material of the XXI century.

Why is wood the material of the future?

It is a technical material, which stores carbon dioxide. It needs transformation to be used in construction. Which ultimately will be translated as a contribution to alleviate climate change. This means that it will continue to help purify the atmosphere even after being used in a building.

Wood is a very versatile material and the possibilities in construction are endless thanks to its ease of use. In the words of the experts, wood is warm, natural, diverse, aesthetic, a true gift of nature. The use of wood in construction is a feasible way to compact cities in a much more viable and sustainable way.



At Pallars Arquitectura amb fusta, we work with wood that comes from sustainable forest management under FSC and PEFC certifications, which ensure that the wood comes from a forest that has been managed, evaluated and certified according to the social, economic and environmental standards defined by these same organizations.

The fact that wooden houses are spoken of as the structures of the future is thanks to the ease of working with this material and its cost. Society is growing rapidly and the demand for housing increases and while a large investment of energy is needed to create a concrete house or building, rubble is generated, it requires a lot personally, that is, the financial investment is very high. Construction with wood is dry, lightweight, easy to handle, and doesn’t generate waste. Therefore, you save energy, water and waiting time for drying.

To build houses, skyscrapers, buildings, … less work is required, the wood is cut, anchored, assembled with ease, during construction no heavy machinery is needed and the personnel required for installation is also less.

In conclusion, with wood-based architecture, giant steps are undoubtedly being taken to reverse the evil that for years has been caused to the environment. For this reason today, more than ever, wood is considered the material of the present and the future.




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