Can Cabanes

From Pallars we provide solutions to achieve the rehabilitation of the Can Cabanes work in the municipality of Girona with an area of 1200m2. From here we have made the structural calculation to achieve a length of 26 meters and 2.5 meters wide with a curved edge and a millimeter topography so that everything fits perfectly. At Pallars we have been specialists in all types of structural beams of any size for many years. In this work, the impact of storms and weather, wind at high loads, etc… has been calculated down to the smallest detail, etc. For this reason, the wood solution has undoubtedly been the best solution for this project.

Working with this type of wood is within the reach of very few companies worldwide, which is why at Pallars we are specialists, not only for manufacturing but also for transport. For this house we used an exceptional convoy of 27 meters long by 3 meters of width and a week of transport from Austria to Catalonia, making it the second largest project carried out in Girona.


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