Extension in height and rehabilitation of an old house

We have introduced wood as a construction material to make it possible to increase the height in a renovation of an old house in the old quarter of Palamós.

It has been an extension using the construction system of light framework, where we have made two elevations together with all its closure. The pre-fabrication has been one of the highlights for its speed in assembly, achieving the finished structure in a week. We have adjusted the conditions of the project, in order to be able to carry out the work, in a place that is difficult to access, so we have devised a simple system, and a set of logistics that is different and suitable for the excussion site.

The construction has been a success that will give this home a seal of quality in energy efficiency A+, an improved livability thanks to the wood, which provides warmth, comfort and humidity regulation. A project that allows us to build with a minimal ecological footprint, storing carbon dioxide, and in this way, we can say that the construction is ecological.

A joint project with the property and the construction company very aware of the advantages of wood as the building material of the 21st century. Wood, world and life! Our passion is to make your dreams come true!

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