Expansion Audi Driving Winter Experience

In this project, the Audi brand wanted to expand the Audi Driving Winter Experience training room, in the Baqueira Beret station that we already built 8 years ago. The brand’s needs were to expand the classroom, put up a cafeteria and a store for the circuit material. The particularity of this work is that it is removable and can be moved from one place at any time. Therefore, the expansion has been a substantial challenge to be able to integrate the old part with a new one.

Hand in hand with Toolstudio, we take care of shaping the new structure to improve its qualities and accessibility. We coordinate the entire set of work, from the cementing through the wood structurers, the carpenters, the aluminists, the electricians, the painters and even those of the pavement.

The entire prefabricated set has given us a fast, precise and adapted assembly for the little time we had to carry out the assembly.
An impressive work for its design, where care has been taken to the last detail of interior design, continuing with the aesthetics and know-house of the brand so characteristic. A new version of the classroom, improving existing services and offering extreme quality for the brand. A project by Toolstudio (toolstudio.net).

We are happy with the trust of Audi with Pallars Fustes to achieve an excellent result with consistency over time.

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