Eco-sustainable charging pergola for electric cars with solar panels and wood

Do you have an electric car and want to save even more on your electricity bill?

At Pallars Fustes we offer you an exclusive product, specially designed for you and your needs, an ecological product that covers the recharging needs of today’s electric cars in a much cheaper way, with solar panels and wood.

We present a fully innovative and ecological recharging parking format. At Pallars fustes we have the technology and knowledge to give you practical and reliable solutions for your recharging and join thousands of people around the world who are opting to use solar radiation as an ecological energy source for recharge electric cars.

Obtaining rechargeable and eco-sustainable energy for your car is possible by installing solar panels on the roof of the pergola fully equipped with the recharging source.

We take advantage of spaces that are intended for other services and optimize their function. A roof, a terrace, a garden or the roof of a building can be converted to allow the use of solar photovoltaic technology.

We offer an excellent service for individuals and companies. With a lip-in-hand installation, you will be able to obtain the necessary energy in a sustainable way and with a substantial increase in savings.

A high quality wooden pergola and excellent finishes for recharging cars is a viable and highly priced option for people like you, people who have decided to take a step forward and buy their first electric car. No doubt the benefits go beyond recharging your car.

A pergola, well positioned, can generate more than 20kWh per day. The economic savings this represents are considerable.

The use of wood allows us to provide custom designs. Its versatility and nobility, combined with the energy production capacity of solar panels, guarantees real and lasting options without environmental impact.

Do you know what the benefits of clean energy are?

At the government level, the promotion of this type of renewable energy has been promoted for some time.

Encouraging the photovoltaic self-consumption of the plates benefits all actors, achieving a clean and efficient electricity production system.

During the months under the quarantine protection, implemented in several countries by COVID-19, there has been a marked decrease in environmental pollution, even the largest hole in the ozone layer, which was located in the ‘Arctic, it’s closed. This demonstrates how we contribute to the deterioration of our ecosystem and that the use of clean energy is vital for the conservation of the planet.

We provide solutions with the use of solar pergolas, we make it possible for your home or business.

Ask for a quote, our company must make a preliminary study to determine the ideal solution for each particular case, adapting to the demands and needs of our customers.

We are the best choice for your project. We have different models and sizes at your disposal. We carry out the study, installation and maintenance of your recharging pergola.

Do you know all the advantages of Eco-Sustainable wooden pergolas with solar panels?
  • The installation of these plates, at a corporate and private level, allows companies and people who identify with the sustainability and conservation of the environment to contribute positively with an energy alternative that changes the way we treat the planet.
  • Decreasing carbon emissions.
  • A design structure with your desired style incorporating wood as a noble and ecological material par excellence.
  • They do not run the risk of radioactive leaks from a nuclear power plant or pollution from fossil fuels.
  • Web recharge point, online management convenience.
  • The economic savings represented by the use of this type of pergola will give you great satisfaction in your way of thinking and in your pocket, as you will have a lifetime production of electrical energy.
  • By connecting the pergola to the conventional electrical system, you can take advantage of the excess energy in the use of the home or in the facilities where it is located.
  • The use of wood as an ecological, natural and breathable material together with solar energy, allows us to create a perfect synergy for the reduction of the greenhouse effect achieving a more ecological, clean and healthy world.
What is the price of the wooden pergola with eco-sustainable solar panels?
Our Pergola with wood, Eco-sustainable is born from the need to integrate sustainability in our own day to day and to be able to make electrical capacity a reality, as a one hundred percent renewable energy source. Made of high quality wood, it offers many benefits. Its characteristics make it one of the best on the market for its quality and price. All this together with:
  • You can count on several recharging points in this structure made of wood and designed within the standards required by current regulations for parking. You can easily park two large cars.
  • Structure of parallel pillars to be able to modify the orientation depending on the south face of the place where it will be located. Our specialist technicians will look for the ideal orientation to determine the best installation site. This must always be facing south, achieving the highest generating efficiency.
  • Do not suffer from the inclement weather, the structure of our pergola has reinforcement that prevents this type of damage.
  • The materials used, the quality, structure and the whole set, make their fusion with solar panels optimal. Self-protected wooden structure by means of large cantilevers in the solar complex.
  • Wooden structure protected with new generation lasurs that give the option to pigment with any color in the range of the most common standards.
  • Structure of solar panels that act as cover and shelter for cars.
  • Formation by means of 18 solar panels that give an electrical power of 6 kWh to network directly for the self-consumption. This energy gives its highest peak at the time of maximum solar radiation. This is a clean energy, generated by the sun, which brings our energy to our home for self-consumption. About 8100 kWh generated annually and for life.
  • When your vehicle is not charging,the energy will be stored and you will be able to dispose of it when needed.
  • Incorporation of a new generation charger for the possibility of charging two electric vehiclesin parallel. Our company recommends having 63A with three-phase, in order to achieve the maximum load allowed for Tesla electric cars or similar, which would be about 42 kWh of power, with three-phase load, with a Mennekes Type 2 connection. If we have two cars charging simultaneously, the power will be 22 kWh per vehicle. The electricity generated by the solar system would always be deducted from this data.
  • The charger has a web location system as a charging point for electric vehicles, billing directly to the owner of the charge and information on the status of availability at the time, via online.
The Catalan Energy Institute of the Generalitat has been promoting self-consumption of photovoltaics in Catalonia for some years now.

The Impulse Table created for photovoltaic self-consumption in Catalonia was created by Government Agreement to facilitate the joint and coordinated action of the different actors involved in this sector (both public and private) and aims to achieve a better and faster penetration of photovoltaic self-consumption in Catalonia to move towards a cleaner, more distributed electricity generation system with greater citizen participation.

In Pallars Arquitectura amb fusta and Green Elèctric Renovableswe want to tell you about our project, incorporate it into your life and thus bring you comfort, ecology and sustainability, and show your love for nature. Rely on wood and solar energy.

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