Eco-sustainable car charging pergola with solar panels and wood

Pallars, architecture with wood

Pallars is a family business, young and enterprising, with more than 20 years of experience in the wood sector. We start in the Pyrenees of Lleida in the middle of a natural place of forests and mountains, aware of the sustainability of the environment and with a strong root in this land.

Our work is based on the engineering, manufacture and assembly of all types of structures and wooden houses achieving a quality in the final product, a fast and precise service, with the maximum seriousness and fulfillment.

At Pallars Fustes we offer you an exclusive product, specially designed for you and your needs, an ecological product that covers your electrical car charging needs in a much more affordable way with solar panels and wood.
The Eco-Sustainable wooden pergola will bring you:
  • A design structure with your desired style incorporating wood as a noble and ecological material par excellence.
  • Web recharge point, online management convenience.
  • Lifetime production of electricity.
  • The use of wood as an ecological, natural and breathable material together with solar energy, allows us to create a perfect synergy for the reduction of the greenhouse effect, achieving a more ecological, clean and healthy world.
Our Eco-sustainable wooden Pergola was born from the need to integrate sustainability into our own daily lives and to be able to make electricity capacity a reality, as a one hundred percent renewable energy source. All this together with:
  • A wooden structure designed according to current regulations as a car park for up to two large cars.
  • Structure of parallel pillars to be able to modify the orientation depending on the south face of the place where it is to be located. The panels are always oriented to the south to achieve maximum efficiency of the solar system.
  • Reinforced structure to withstand inclement weather.
  • Self-protected wooden structure by means of large cantilevers in the solar complex.
  • Wood structure protected with new generation lasurs that give the option to pigment with any color in the range of the most common standards.
  • Structure of solar panels that act as cover and shelter for cars.
  • Formation by means of 18 solar panels that give an electrical power of 6 kWh to the network directly for self-consumption. This energy peaks at the peak of solar radiation. This is clean energy, generated by the sun, which brings our energy to our home for self-consumption. About 8100 kWh generated annually and for life.
  • Incorporation of a new generation charger for the possibility of charging two electric vehicles in parallel. Our company recommends having 63A with three-phase, in order to be able to achieve the maximum allowable load for Tesla electric cars or similar, which would be about 42 kWh of power, with three-phase load, with a Mennekes Type 2 connection. If we have two cars charging simultaneously, the power will be 22 kWh per vehicle. This data would always be deducted from the electricity generated by the solar system.
  • The charger has a Web location system as a charging point for electric vehicles, billing directly to the owner of the charge and information on the status of availability at the time, via online.

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