Benefits of wood in the home

Today we want to tell you about the benefits that being surrounded by or living in a wooden house brings us.

In addition to the warmth and charm it offers us, wood is very versatile in terms of design: it works well whether we want a more rustic or traditional style, or if we prefer a more modern or avant-garde style. That’s not all, this material has many more benefits of different kinds.

Wood is a material of longevity. Its durability is indisputable and with good maintenance, you can enjoy a wooden structure for a long time. For this reason, these types of homes are built in many countries such as the US, northern Europe, Canada and other rural areas. Oddly enough, wooden constructions have a higher life expectancy than concrete ones, which start to see problems after 35/40 years.

It is true that wood requires certain responsible care, since it has to be treated to avoid pests, fungi, etc.… but nowadays the different types of wood that are used are treated properly to avoid these problems. They are given different coatings to protect and waterproof.

We are talking about a very versatile material: there are many types of wood and that allows us to adapt it to our style and needs.

More affordable? Yes, although it may not seem like it, wooden houses are less expensive than any other type of construction.

It is a noble material that has a natural insulator that protects us from both cold and heat, which will allow us to reduce energy consumption and regulate temperatures at different times of the year. With wood you are able to stay warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Although it sounds strange, wood is a material that “breathes”, this is what allows it to regulate the interior temperature of the house. In addition, it expels moisture, which positively benefits our health.

And, of course, as it is a renewable, non-polluting product, it helps to heal the environment.

Seems contradictory, right? But cutting down a forest is neither “aggressive” nor so “anti-ecological”. In fact, quite the opposite. When a forest is managed with the criteria of sustainability, thus guaranteeing its long-term survival, logging becomes a process of forest regeneration. That’s why it’s so important that when you go to contract or request your project with wood, you require the proper certification.

In short, all of these are advantages. So now you know, at Pallars we are driven by PASSION FOR WOOD.


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