Audi a Baqueira Beret

The Audi House, located in Baqueira Beret, experienced an assembly and final finishing process that was not without meteorological and orographic challenges. However, with the help of a highly competent team and meticulous planning, we overcame these difficulties with relative ease. This unique location, with its demanding topography and climatic conditions, required special attention and constant adaptation during the construction process.

The assembly process involved the precise coordination of technical teams, suppliers and construction personnel, all working in concert to ensure that all elements fit together perfectly. Weather difficulties, such as climatic variations and inclement weather, were carefully managed to minimize impacts on the schedule and quality of work.

The specific topography of Baqueira Beret, with its mountainous terrain and variable environmental conditions, required constant adaptation during the construction process. Modern construction technologies and techniques were implemented to ensure a harmonious integration with the natural environment, while maintaining the structural and energy efficiency of the Audi House.

The end result was a success, with Casa Audi emerging as an architectural masterpiece that not only fits its surroundings, but also meets the most demanding expectations of its owners. This project not only reflects our ability to overcome construction challenges, but also our dedication to achieving a finish in a comprehensive architectural project. finish of the highest quality.


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